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Reasons to choose FTC?

Comprehensive service

We provide comprehensive assessment services to insurance companies.

Support 24/7

Professional, experienced staff are always available to assist the customer

Lead the first

Take advantage of the powerful development of information technology for best and best application.

Góc chia sẻ kinh nghiệm

Experience handling when car accident?

Accidents in cars and motorbikes are the things that no one wants to do in the traffic, how will we handle the incident, the following is the experience after the crash of FTCclaims.

  • Keep calm, avoid panic
  • If someone is injured, quickly call for help
  • Stay intact car accident scene
  • Accident witnesses
  • Please tell the insurance company the hotline number of the insurance company on the back) and follow the instructions.
  • Need to check health later (if there are signs of bumps)

If you have never made a claim for an insurance claim or first-time petition for guidance, contact us for a free consultation.

Đặt lịch tư vấn bảo hiểm


FTCclaims provides compensation assessment services to help insurance companies easily facilitate the implementation of insurance plans.



We focus on building professional compensation services, application of information technology platform to support customers and partners to use effectively.


Support 24/7

Please do not hesitate to contact us for advice on support and compensation, by mobile, chat and email.


Service Story

"Our company has been insured for car insurance, health and travel insurance." In the event of an accident or insurance event, FTCclaims assessors quickly contacted, ddvise us on the next steps to claims. I am very pleased about the professionalism, accuracy and transparency from FTCclaims." Cao Thuy - CEO of VietFootTravel

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